Photographing: Motion


Let's be real. Taking pictures of the same stationary objects over and over can get boring. To switch things up, I like to capture motion.  There are two ways that I like to capture motion, Panning and Long Exposure

Panning allows you to capture a moving subject crisp and (mostly sharp) while blurring the background.  To pan, you must set your shutter speed accordingly with the moving object. There is a lot of trial and error but 1/40 shutter speed is a good starting point. While the object is moving, you should hold the camera as steady and as close to your body as possible and move your torso with the moving object. 

The other way to show motion is for a traditional long exposure. These are shot on a tripod to keep the camera steady during the shot. During the day you can use a Netural Density filter to capture the long exposure without over exposing.